Well that hurt


Is the engine tranny salvageable?


Yeah. I’ll be parting it out when they release it.


It’s cursed now

did you not read the story about the crashed plane parts they put on other planes

some scary stuff there


Demons in them parts now - must be melted then melted again


If it’s a manual trans and it was in gear when he hit you, even if it seems okay… the pilot bearing will go south in a few hundred miles or less.


I’ll be separating trans and engine to sell anyway. Clutch hardware will be thrown away


What’s the latest, bud?


Nothing new as of yet.

I have a follow up and xray on the 2nd and I’ll have more further.

Less pain, lots of muscle popping.

Doc said muscle popping was a result of trauma and lack of movement due to being in a brace 24/7? So its normal.


Yeah, I had that recently in a shoulder. It locked up for almost a year, and when therapy finally got it moving, it sounded like a popcorn machine for weeks.


Adhesive capsulitis?




My wife had the Frozen Shoulder. It is not pleasant.


Burns mostly healed, the one on lower back is still pretty big.

Fractures look good but one vertebrae is moving forward.

Looks like I’m wearing this collar longer, and a possible fused bone in the future.


Dawn had that

She had it fixed -


So hit my max out of pocket and deductible.
Was $2056 or so for the 2 days in the hospital, about $650 for the amberlamps.

Everything next will be only paying 10%… problem is the average spinal fusion is about $100k. Not considering the days in the hospital.



Well you should be reassured to know that it in super capitalist USA you can always take out a predatory loan to get the care you need.


How much does your insurance cover for the surgery?


At this point, since I’ve maxed out my out of pocket ($2000) and deductible ($300) all I pay is 10%, and that covers surgeries too.

Unless I don’t understand my benefits, it sounds like it’s just 10% from now on. But I dont know what a covered in out of pocket expenses.
But 10% of $100k is still a lot.


That sucks but at least you have some coverage. Isn’t there anybody that can explain your policy to you?


Sounds like you might want to give your HR Benefits Enrollment person a jingle.


There is someone, but unfortunately I always forget.

That and I feel slightly dyslexic. Oh well. Lol

If I ever remember, I’d give them a call… but there’s another mystery.

I received $1250 for 12 days of short term disability. But my union book only says I should be getting $300 every 6 days…lol