Well that hurt


Sold it. All i have now is a bike


That’s next course of action.


Well I hope you’ll be able to at least get into a boring little commuter car, a Corolla or Civic or Focus or Buick Regal or whatev. to get you mobile in the coming rainy season.


I’ll help out. I’m Latin, can’t see people going hungry, especially if I know them.


Anything, but paying bills and getting other essentials are the big focus

Could theoretically bus to work and back


So it really sounds like this guy has nothing, and I’ll have to fend for my self for everything… including medical bills.

Single father that has weekend rights to his kid (weekend father?), address on his license is for the really shitty part of town. Had state insurance cause he sucks at driving and couldn’t even pay that.

I’m in a pretty dark place right now. Probably the most stressed I’ve ever been.

Guy who helped pull me out of my car said the guy was driving super erratic, tried to hit him 3 or 3 times and went after me. I was leaving a stop light. He didn’t even try to brake.

I’ll be suing him… probably for pennies in his pocket. But at that point I’d be willing to cut his finger off and sell it for some nuggets.


You have a lot going for you David, don’t let a speed bump like this take over your life, yes it sucks…yes your fucked up money wise, but that’s just temporary, you have a good job, and people in your life that care about you, not your things.

Don’t let “them” get you down.


In “librul” CA there is a temporary state disability insurance program run by the State of California. It replaces wage loss of up to 60%. I

It helps Californians keep from going broke due to medical disabilities.





I wouldn’t be surprised if Boeing had some kind of short term disability plan on you too David, check with HR or whatever they call it there.


They might if he paid into it. Thing is a lot of.people don’t want to pay for these things when they believe nothing will happen to them.





I do, it’s like 40% wages.




You’re lucky you made it out of that. That is truly frightening.


Any good body shop should be able to fix that up for you in a couple of days.

It’s amazing that you got.


How did the tire not burn?




Apparently radiation of fire isn’t enough to burn the tires.

There is char and burn on the opposite tire