Well that hurt


60 mph drunk driver in a bronco vs stopped Miata


3 cracked vertebrae, 8 staples and multiple burns.


Is that you, Bromo?




damn kid, better call Saul…


Holy shirt glad you’re ok, maybe this’ll lurn you about the perils of demon rum.


So is it your first DUI?


Holy shit. That’s terrible! Are the cracked vertebrae in your neck? Careful with the pain drugs, you don’t want to end up addicted.

Jesus F’ing Christ, was the other driver drunk when he hit your Miata?


are those staples in the back of yer head?


That’s what they look like. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed.


hopefully not permanently damaged but hurt just enough to collect a big pay check.


Well, yes, that’s what we can hope for. He may experience pain for the rest of his life. That truly sucks.


I’d be traumatized for life either way


That’s some crazy shit, there goes one of your nine lives… get well man…


Seriously, did you get a look at the guy, does he look “collectible” ie a person that might have assets and or income? or is he a bottom feeder, or unemployed and near homeless? If he has shit, and income it might be worth taking a swing at, if he’s a “bottom feeder” move on. Think about it.


Sorry to hear that Boro!

Get well and sich!


Hopefully you will make a complete recovery.:slightly_smiling_face:


Doesn’t already posting mean yer cured - mostly?


Sorry, Boro.

This prolly means you’ll be trolling here more often for a while.


Fucking driving drunk should be an executable offense!

Thankfully they don’t fuck around here any more with trying to keep them off the road