Mom Leaves Kids In Car So She Can Give A Blowjob In A Walmart Parking Lot

A Louisiana woman left her two young children unattended in her SUV while she performed oral sex on her boyfriend in his vehicle around 12:30 AM Friday, police report. Princess Marks, 25, reportedly admitted to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies that she was unable to see her children–aged seven and five–while she was pleasuring her boyfriend in the […]
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Drew Barrymore’s Half Sister Found Dead In California

Drew Barrymore’s half sister Jessica Barrymore was found dead in California Tuesday morning, according to media reports. The 48-year-old woman’s body was found lifeless in a vehicle early in the morning by a neighbor, Marta Lopez. Lopez told ABC 10 News that she was trying to leave for work, but a car was blocking her […]

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John Stamos Opens Up About Beach Boys Connection With Charles Manson

John Stamos has been a friend and performer with the Beach Boys for the past 30 years, and this week the actor opened up about a dark phase in the band’s history — their connection to serial killer Charles Manson. Stamos joined the Beach Boys starting in 1985, performing and recording with them occasionally including […]
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Armed Militias Go To Texas To Help Prevent Illegal Immigrants From Crossing Border

Armed militia groups are reportedly moving along the Texas border to stop illegal immigrants coming through Mexico. The militias have allegedly grown to more than 10 active teams stretching from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley – a popular crossing point for illegal aliens. A local Texas newspaper obtained more than 30 photos showing […]

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Marijuana Legalization Gets Big Boost As Congress Bill Aims To Legalize Medical Strains

Marijuana legalization efforts got a big boost this week when a new bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress to legalize strains used to treat illness. The bill took its inspiration from a strain of marijuana called Chartlotte’s Web for 7-year-old Charlotte Figi, a Colorado girl with a rare form of epilepsy. Her parents treated her […]
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Priest Claims Demon Is Texting Him Hate-Filled Messages

A Catholic priest in Poland claims that a demon is texting him hate-filled messages, after he cast the offending spirit out of a young girl’s body during an exorcism. Parish priest Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, which is a town in south-eastern Poland, told the Austrian Times that the demonic text messages in question started […]

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Blasphemous Facebook Post: Violent Mob Kills Ahmadiyya Woman, Granddaughters In Pakistan

Three people, including two children have been killed in the Pakistani city of Gujranwala following an attack by a violent mob. The victims, all of whom belonged to the minority Ahmadiyya sect of Islam were killed after protests broke out over an alleged derogatory Facebook post by a teenager from the Ahmadiyya community, reports Reuters. […]
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Colombia Could be the Next Country to Legalize Marijuana

After harshly prosecuting marijuana-related offenses for years, Colombia decriminalized cannabis (and cocaine) in 2012, making drug addiction a “public health issue.” Now, behind the country’s Liberal party, Colombia has a bill on the table that would legalize medical marijuana. As of now, the production and distribution of cannabis in Colombia remains a punishable offense. But […]

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Fact: The Great Majority of Americans are Getting Poorer

If you feel like you’re working hard and not getting anywhere financially for it, you may be right. The fact is, Americans are getting poorer. And it’s not just a small group or class of negatively affected Americans that are bearing the brunt of this economic reality. According to The New York Times, it’s 94% […]
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‘Pregnant’ Woman Killed As She Attempted Home Invasion Not Really Pregnant

A female accused of a home invasion in Long Beach, Calif., told the man who admits to killing her that she was pregnant in what many considered one last effort to save her own life. The effort failed as the man who found her and a man going through his home shot and killed her […]