The category to fight and be nasty with one another over paid off two party politics.


This section contains several sub boards of various interests. If you have an interest you'd like a board for contact us.


Sports news, Sports scores, Sports trivia, Sports plays, Sports science, Sports television, non athletic sports like NASCAR, everything sports related.

Flame Board

For all the fights and flaming, knock yourself out!

Celebrity Death Watch

@WitchKing 's Celebrity Death Watch board, guess who will kick the bucket next.

Breaking News

Post the latest news and headlines here. If you have a political article you might want to post it on the Politics board.


Not Safe For Work or human consumption.

Darwin awards

This is for Darwin award winners. Close calls with Darwin are also acceptable in this category. Remember, Darwin does the sorting.


Post your favorite music and music videos.

What's So Funny?

Jokes, laughs and gaffs, hopefully the Rabbit will return and post his jokes here.

Movies & TV

Talk about your favorite films, television shows and celebrity friends.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

The Game Board

Play word games, talk about your favorite online games, computer games and video games.


For trolls and trolling related topics and posts.


Let’s get high and post about cannabis.

Road Raging

Road rage stuff here…