Well that hurt


Trolling opportunity aside, this is to be expected. Try not to get too frustrated about it. The rock painting work will still be there. :wink:


Cannabis has been proven to help heal brain injuries, maybe stock up on some edibles for the month.


At minimum some CBD stuff which won’t fuck up a pee test for you.


I came home laat night.


Hopefully, you’re more comfortable at home.


That doesn’t sound like fun. I hope that you heal quickly.


Hoping you’re well medicated and getting some relief. Hang in there, you’re young, you’ll heal up, you got this. .


If anyone wants to help out, my girlfriend made a GFM. As of right now, we’re looking to replace my glasses and such that burnt up with the fire.


Why doesn’t the drunk asshole’s insurance buy you a new pair of glasses


Little cow milking going on here - he got a job at boeing which prolly pays fer glasses and the army which doing lasix fer free and he’s out begging - wtf?


As Lorna said, his friends will be there for him. I expect that includes many of us. But I need for Nicole to be more specific about lost wages, the drunken asshole’s insurance, and David’s own insurance which probably covers uninsured motorists. If Nicole is just fishing for spare change, no harm and no foul. But I’m already working on four or five other people’s GFMs so I have to put my few shiny stones where they are needed.


Insurance and all that BS which is awesome to have, rarely if ever makes you 100% whole again money wise, and there are up front costs like glasses, etc.

I’d slip you a few bucks David, but right at the moment I’m cash poor.


Boro’s own insurance should be paying for this stuff and going after the other asshole (or their insurance) for costs


True, but as Bro says the insurance companies have “their ways” of foot dragging and so on…beginning with jacking you around about the value of the car you were sitting in at the time, and they will often take over a month on this – especially if you reject their first lowball offer.


I had liability insurance and turns out he isn’t insured


Oh wow, merde, sorry about that. Ouch. Do you still have the Vette?


Then ya sue. My insurance will do that for me, you may need to goad yours into it.


I’m thinking this guy sounds like he might be a turnip, Driving a Bronco which they haven’t made in 20 years, and no insurance, I doubt if he has a lot of capital. But there might be something to Help David, even if it’s only garnisheed wages.

And if he only had liability, I doubt if his Insurance is going to get too excited about pursuing comp claims on his behalf.


Why the hell aren’t you crying in that pic? You look happy and smiley.


I think he’s just happy to be alive, David might be young and still thinks he knows everything, but I think he’s a good person and he works hard. I don’t think he had any silver spoons growing up.

God dammit, I know if Uncle Nick was here he’d help, in a couple weeks I should be able help a bit.