Well that hurt


You’re lucky you’re not leftover barbecue.

Godspeed in your recovery.


What happened to the other guy?

nothing I bet



I’m guessing your military career just changed direction. I’m really sorry to hear this news.


Boro must really be in a world of pain. He hasn’t been back. Poor kiddo.


Don’t be afraid or ashamed to take the pain pills Lad, you’ll be feeling better in a few days.


Six calls bullshit on that - if he can stand semi-upright and breath they will welcome him back - the supply of moronic fucking witless fools is dwindling


I’m sure young Bromo appreciates your kind and encouraging words.


I wish him the best - I really do

but ya can’t change moran with well wishes


I hope his burns aren’t too bad, that’s some agonizing shit there. I’m guessing they’ve got him pretty knocked out.


I’ll recover 100%


Is that you or doctors talking? Either way, hoping that’s how it works out.


Good to hear, could the Doctors tell if you suffered any more brain damage?


He only had two brain cells, ya know?


I’ve noticed my cognitive ability is slower. i did bash my skull hard enough to get staples.

C1, c2, c3, c5 and t1 are the fractured vertebrae.

After 4 weeks of in home care and wearing the collar 24/7, i go in for another x ray


Don’t get impatient all that stuff takes time to heal. Just relax and think of it as vacay.


You need to relax and let the doctors help you.


exactly what im doing.


Good for you. When will you go home?


I was laid up in the VA hospital one time with a spiral fractured hip, untreated I was in bed in traction, while they were trying to decide how to fix my hip…so one afternoon I’m feeling good and a little restless so I started doing leg lifts, as it turned out that was a very bad idea, my broken off femur shifted and the broken edges scraped the shards of the hip joint, talk about yer lightening bolt of excruciating pain…anyway, don’t do anything stupid like that.