US, Turkey having diplomatic troubles


Of course. But Roose always created a persona, so I doubted most of what he posted. Includng the wife and child routine.

I do, though, believe he disliked women and black folks.


More of my friends than not have always been black and brown, she’s not the first black chick I’ve been with, but you can continue with your assumptions of how I’m going to turn out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up in the ghetto, I have a lot more in common with most blacks than I have with whitey tighty racists who lived sheltered lives like Deport and most of the other clowns I’ve banned and probably you as well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not here often, I missed it.


Didn’t you used to be in the porn industry?


Yeah, so, maybe I still am? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s your board, do whatever you want.
I just find it humorous Lotus believes a porn producer over Roose.
It’s not very “feminist” of her.


I am basing my opinions/beliefs on Roose’s posts, my dear.


Is Rancid still here?


If porn’s so bad why did you vote for the guy with the lesbian porn star wife? hahahaha






Look at the eyes of the lesbain on the left and imagine them trying to avoid looking at The Donald in public.


are you a lesbian?


Yes, but alas, I am held captive in this all man body. It just isn’t fair.


Funny how Trump voters always get confused when confronted with reality… lol @ trump voters… :stuck_out_tongue:


When I was young I felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body.

Then I was born.


Mmmm - no not probably me as well. I didn’t grow up in a ghetto like you but I grew up in the household of two people who grew up poor and who I never heard speak a word of ill toward anyone based upon their race, religion, or economic status. I heard plenty of it in the community though for sure. When I left that place after HS I moved to Oakland CA which at that time was about 2/3s black. Me and my little crew were the only white people for blocks around since we weren’t in one of the 2/3s sections, but I’ll tell you man, I could always get a game at the courts, and everybody had watermellon, and that’s my favorite mellon, homey. I’ve lived in mixed hoods ever since including this shitty welfare burg. Now, I did that by choice friend, while that’s just where you dropped into life. You may think you’re better than some dumbass white supremacist who grew up in a white supremacist community, and you might be the neighbor I’d prefer given the choice, but you are no less a preprogrammed robot than they are. You are simply a product of your environment and not the enlightened being you imagine yourself to be. You know what I find amusing? Here you are going on about no one is going to talk bad about blacks and you’re so not racist and no one should even indirectly insult your girlfriend blah blah blah, but correct me if I’m wrong - wouldn’t this be the same woman you have mockingly referred to as 50’s housewife? I mean one thing I’ve taken keen notice of about you is that you never hesitate to belittle women and join in the gleeful misogynygasms that have been so commonplace on this board over the years, and I think that is soooo very enlightened of you, friend.

One thing this thread has been lacking is a soundtrack, so here is one your house servant gf might sing to you next time you axe her to make you a sammich:


an a’course here’s one for Billdo, the little ghetto boy:


I’m sorry Roose’s banning has you so troubled, I can tell your man love is strong. :slight_smile:


Billdo, I would advocate for any one of the board members…

…except for that one dooshbag fraud.
I am truly shocked and dismayed that no one else is speaking in Roose’s defense.


Troll on, MacDuff.

…because everyone knows you have to get voated off the island and no admin ever ran a forum without the support of a democratic majority.