US, Turkey having diplomatic troubles


I wonder what that means for Deportz


If only he were here to tell us, but…

PS: Oh wait, I know what it means for him. It means he’s still banned.


I read the title wrong and thought it was going to be a joke about turkeys flocking to Canada for safety and us eating them because it’s Thanksgiving here.



…because if he wasn’t, he could answer the question which…would be very interesting and educational, I am sure. :smiley:


Why did he get banned? :frowning:


He got banned because he created a bunch of dual accounts to come at me instead of handling his shit like a man. That was cool in like 2007 but I ain’t got time for childish games these days. So sorry Roose is gone, never really cared for him here anyways, he’s a PI troll and a half wit racist punk. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s interesting, but disappointing, I never knew that about him. :frowning:

Where is he posting, I’d like to avoid that.


Well he claimed to be reformed but I kinda doubt it. He can go hang on his alt racist fag boy boards. :stuck_out_tongue:


I edited while you posted.

I’d like to avoid that drama.

Where is he posting?


No idea and don’t care.


I don’t get why posters are still into PI.


I like pie.


pie is yummy


Getting back to the OP tho, I haven’t done Turkey for either of the major winter holidays, I’ve just been doing a Ham the last couple years. (No offense to any Jihadists reading this)


I hoap you wiped off the Greece.

(Now I’m Hungary)


Well, that’s certainly ssSOMEones’s opinion.
Honestly, has all of this become so grimly serious? It’s supposed to be fuckin fun. I do not see banning Roose for the reason given. In fact, it sounds a bit punky to me speaking of punks. Oh, and Billdo - If you sass me I’ll sic some super secret alt/duals on you and drown you in their slobber, Do you understand me MISTER? Well DO you? :angry:

Good grief, pal - lighten the fuck up. There’s what, like 5 people left here. Do you really want to ban any of the few that still come around because they threw a dual at you? Ban the fucking duals then, but leave the poster.


You think everything is a BIIIIG joke don’t you? It’s all just a BIIIIG joke to ya isn’t it, punk?


Wahhhh Holliday, not unbanning him so cry, bitch and whine at me all you want about it. Go start up a bunch of duals to come at me like a bitch and I’ll ban your shit too… I don’t give two fucks if there’s only two people left on the fucking site… cool then I can shut it down. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not a fan of duals/socks. :frowning:


Pretty much, yeah. If I didn’t laugh often, I’d probably blow. Kinda like you just did.