US, Turkey having diplomatic troubles


I too found Roose to be amusing and occasionally educational, but his nonstop racial and and anti-women screed does get very tiresome.


I didn’t even know he was banned.

I don’t recall ever reading anything racist or sexist by him.


Back in the early days, probably on a version of this board or maybe BY, Roose was on one of those trolls - Lotus and I were at it with him over it in the way Billdo has been…well, actually Lotus and I were more thoughtful and not just mindlessly reactionary of course, and Lotus asked him when he was going to stop that shit. I will never forget the answer he gave. “When you stop reacting to it”, or close to that. You see, trolls, much like a virus or bacteria, can have their purpose. As I had written to our little buckaroo commander earlier in the thread, there can be more to gain by exposure to things which bother you than by surrounding yourself with only what you take comfort in. Of course some folks while preaching the value of diversity, choose in reality to live very vanilla.
Just a thought for the day, friend. :wink:


You might peruse the archives.


I’m not a big fan of say Justin Bieber, and not exposing myself to his musical stylings doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted my life, as far as I can tell.


Maybe a poor conclusion, or maybe you didn’t take my meaning, or maybe you can’t. Try harder. :wink:


all right all right, ima go binge watch everything Bieber on the YT’s I’ll get backatcha shortly.



So, you’ve been spending lots of time with undocumented Mexicans?


Nah, he’s perma banned, no point.


Let me start you off. I hope you get this thing gets stuck in your head and it ruminates like a ricochet boomerang for days.


Of course. I’ve mentioned that I work in manufacturing, and live in a shitty welfare burg, didn’t I?


That doesn’t mean you actually get to know any undocumented immigrants.


Well, let’s agree that I don’t isolate myself in a wealthy all white enclave like you do.


Good thing you don’t troll…


I live in the most racially diverse city in the country. And I am barely middle class. So, you do the math.


Are you saying you aren’t white?


I would never forgive myself.


Everyone claims that now. :joy: