US, Turkey having diplomatic troubles


If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.


Pussy :laughing:

You’re the whiney bitch aren’t you. “Oh WAAAAA, someone made a dual and tawkt bad to me.” No one does that and gets away with it. You might reconsider when you’re off your period.


Here’s a thought.

After Billdo shuts this board down, I’m nominating YOU to open the next one. Should be a real learning experience.


Well, I was just foolin, bitchbunny. Next time I’ll try to find a comic strip you can understand.

You got some deep seated problems you aren’t dealing with if you have to joke ALL of the time. I wouldn’t want to be around when the laughing stops, Lapin, that’s for sure. :wink:


Uh huh. “Hey it’s cool” followed by another melt. Mmmkay!

Who says I’m not? You, because I don’t sit on YOUR couch? I’d say that’s pretty self-absorbed of you, but I remember who I am talking to.


I’ll call it Midget’s School House. I’ll be banning all the Dual students.


I was being ironic, bunny. I wasn’t fooling, but I was having a good time.


So, are you in that Primal Scream therapy? What does a bunny scream sound like I wonder. I bet it’s the stuff of nightmares.

Okay - have a great day whiney bitches. I have an important phone call to make.


One of mine screamed at the vet’s office once, it was not pleasant to hear a beloved pet do that.




Doc, I need a translation on this.


Yeah I banned all the overt racists and ran them off,… srry well there might be a couple left still but they don’t come around much! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry that was half of the people that were here but I really can’t stand that shit, grew up around it my entire life, stupid people saying stupid shit, and moved away from it to a more tolerant place when I started seeing a fine black woman 13 years younger than I, whose family is generally better off and more educated than mine and they’ve been nothing but kind to me.

I’m not providing a sounding board for small minded dumbfucks who just stepped out of the cast of Mississippi Burning… srry… besides not only is it ignorant, whiny, unbecoming, unmanly and prejudiced it’s against the TOS of my host and almost any host you’ll find. So good luck opening up that racist inclusive site on your server in the Ukraine.

Sorry if you’re missing the insight of someone who probably isn’t even really in Turkey anyways and his occasional nigger joke. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe Roose could promise to be pure as the driven snow, unbiased, without prejudice, and exhibit perfect and infinite understanding like the rest of the enlightened posers here. Then…? :laughing:

Interesting conversation. Legal matters I will not bore you with.


There’s prolly a bail bondsman in KY or AR who hasn’t heard of you.


I’m sure he could give a lot of “commitment to change” lip service and blah blah but no thanks, I’m fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s excellent that you didn’t adopt the attitudes of those around whom you grew up! :+1:

I’ve always had my doubts…


What would he gain from lying about that?


Well, I can see you aren’t an art lover.

I think it’s really nice that you have a black girlfriend and you take any negative comment about black people as a personal affront. Seriously - how thin skinned are you?
Anyone here not been in an interracial relationship? I hope your relationship with her is supportive and stable forever and ever amen, but if isn’t and she fucks up, in your view, then you can tell us all about what a bitch jungle bunny she was.
I married a Jewish woman, and like you, I was all over anyone you talked shit about Jews - how awful they were - but I’ve modified my views since then, rest assured.
You know, Billdo, it’s all acting, I suppose your board allows you to be the writer and director and hire and fire whosoever you please (Like Trump) but a little truth is that there is more to be gained by being in contact with what bothers you than always what comforts you.


What did he gain from posting racist and sexist bullshit?


Maybe. What do you really know about anyone on a message board? Isn’t a made up character, circumstance and temperament, as evocative as the “real” one. You think anyone here isn’t hiding plenty, and shaping your perception accordingly?