The Sad State of Pro Basketball


He’s still got game and can contribute, but i think its time for him to hang up his spurs. (Didja see that?)


See what? (looksaroundeverywherebutthere smiley)


…hang up his spurs* that is pure punster gold right there.


I don’t get it. He doesn’t play for the Cowboys. Huh?


No no, he plays with The Ghey Caballeros


He’s ghey? That explains the bowleggedness, I suppose.
I don’t know how though.


Steph out tonight. Back for Game 2.


I think they get that bowleggedness from all the disco dancing they do.


I wonder if we’ll get to see Draymond kick anyone in the nuts tonight?


Game up.
Boston did a nice job tonight. The next series for them should be interesting - They get the Sixers.

Good start - they both like to go up and down. Very entertaining.

Might be some scoring in this one, Apey. :laughing:
20 assists after 1 quarter. Man, these teams can move the ball around.


How 'bout them Dubs?


Pels went totally cold shooting.

Hoooo! Miller with the game saver.
What - they didn’t count it. Refs are giving the game to GS. Unfair.


It’s not what you know, but what you blow.


Actually it counted, but they are still so unfair.


It’s racism. The Pels are darker on average(Among key playmakers), that’s a given. Klay is almost passable.


and Steph will just whiten them up more in Game 2.

Rondo closing in on a triple double.


That was terrible.


Good effort Pels, they’ll have Curry back on Tuesday that should throw off there Mojo for a couple minutes at the start, so hit them hard and early. (And pray smarter, not harder)


They got it back to 22, but just ran out of time.


Game 2