The Sad State of Pro Basketball


The Blaaers meant for it to play out that way, it’s called a 7 game series, LOOSER!


It may very well go 7.

Game 2:



I wonder if i can return any of the Portland Trailblazer 2018 Western Conference Champions memorabilia i overbought?


It isn’t over, Apey. Games to play.


If the dynamic duo get their acts together.


Game 3


So what time is game 3 tomorrow? (TLDR)


The time is…

…Too late. :smiley:


Keep your eye out for the tiger stripe limo, Apey.

What do you think of Playoff Rondo and his Pel crew?


They’re exceeding expectations, and making the Blazers look like dildos. Wish they still had the old Blazer coach do.


Game 4:

5 PM Eastern - Saturday

Pels PeLs pels PELS !

They will get either the Rockets or Dubs next round. Will their amazing run at immortality end there?


I did Nazi see this coming, oh well we’ll git 'em nex yar.


That’s the great thing about sports - there is always next year.


AD, Jrue and Rajon all had an amazing series, gl next round.


All very good players, and Mirotic performed well also. What’s amazing to me is how quickly and effectively they adjusted to the loss of Cousins - almost like they are a better team now.


Maybe one of those addition by subtraction deals.


I think it opened up the rest of the players to show what they had. Moore also played well. With Cousins they are sort of the two headed monster.


10:30 PM Eastern - that’s 7:30 to you Dubs fans.
. Sez San Antonio but it’s the Pels - link is correct.


San Antonio is sorting out their tackle boxes and heading out to the River about now.


I wonder if Manu will be back. He keeps himself well conditioned, but Spurs are beyond hope of winning at this point.