The Sad State of Pro Basketball


Big games tonight as playoff scene shakes out.
Last 4 teams in with identical records, two close behind.




I gotta good feeling about tonight, i think Dame and CJ are going to make LA cry.


San Antone. ^^^^^^^^^^ Yes - we need a Portland win.

Denver wins.
Rockets/OKC - Go Rockets.
GS/NO - Good luck, Pels.

Holy Crap! Pels 9 for 9 up 23-16 to start. Marvel at this since it will soonuf be gone - a faded memory…probably.


One day in the future to be chuckled amiably over.


Whoa! Up 40-32 at the break. 71% shooting.
OKC 6 up on Houston after a quarter.

Close ones, Apey. All close, but all on the good side at the moment.


I’m happy for the Blazer’s to get in (so it seems) But I have a feel Houston is looking rather good.


Blazer clinched playoff spot. Probably # 3 - no worse than 4.
Rooting for them against Spurs tonight.

Pels come back to win! Rondo - 17 assists
Unfortunately Houston and Blazers dawgin it.



7 for 7 tonight.


Portland has the Jazz Wednesday night, Apey. If the do not win they might fall out of that 3 spot. Looked like they had it sow’d up.


They’re just stratergizing.



Utah pulled even with them last night so whoever wins will take the 3 spot and the loser will go to 4,5,or 6 looks like depending how the other games go.
…Rooting for Pels over Spurs.

Here are the tonight’s deciding games , Apey, and other B-Ball fans.


Quite the finish ayy, Apey. Portland won, got the 3 spot, and quess who they play in round one, or last for them? My Pels. :smile:


Game 1 Saturday, Apey.
…Hey - want to meet me in NOLA (21st) and see a game? Tickets still available.


That’d be suite, schwing by an pick me up on yer way to the Southland.


Keep your eye out the window for a chartreuse, Zebra stripe stretch limo
…and bring your own coke spoon.
We’re goin in style, pal.


Cool, I’ll grab us a couple 40s!


Game 1 (7:30 PM Pacific Time)