The Sad State of Pro Basketball


GL, These Warriors are an above average Team, fyi.


Second quarter was absolutely shocking. At the end of the 1st I was thinking - Pels shooting 60%, great ball movement - down 1. Can’t rebound with the Dubs. That’s where they miss Cousins. GS can’t miss sometimes - everything starts going in and they’re off.


Goin home now.


Jazz is coming.

Do yer reserch!


They - they got one.

Remember when they were in NO and Pistol Pete was new in the league?


Game 3 - Friday, May 4, 8 PM Eastern
Pels must win.

NO-LA NO-LA NO-LA ! 22-14 Time Out DUBS!
27-14 !

Run REJECTED! Pels up 9 with 5 to play in the half.

What can you say - you outplay this team in every aspect of the game and still only a 2 possession game at the half.

20! 83-63. Not lookin so tough now, are ya Dubs. :smile:


The RealJazz might get this one.


Dubs will stlil prevail. It is foreseen.


Pels DEMOLISH overmatched, outclassed Flubs.

Davis, RONDOOOO, Holiday, Clark, Mirotic - DOMINANCE!

Best passer the game has ever seen and you got to love a guy who will walk right up to Green and piss in his face.


That’ll cost him a knee to the groin in game 4, sorry that’s just how it works.


GAME 3 baby. Book it - it was a mugging.


Steve and Al are bros, Steve was just letting his old assistant save a little face in the series. Just like he let Pops win one.


Game 4 Sunday.


But seriously, NOLA has a good team, they crushed us obviously, but I still think The Dubs are better, we’ll see.


Not tonight, pal.


BOOOOOOOOOO :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Game 4: Sunday May 6, 3:30 PM Eastern.

Sorry if I crowed too much over Game 3. Your guys are hard to beat so a single win is a big deal. Dubs still in the driver’s seat.


No problemo, BTDT, probably go back again someday.


15 minutes to game time. Pels must quell early run by Dubs. Dubs will come out hard wanting to make a statement. Pels must repel.

Davis and Mirotic have to stay busy on the boards like in Game 3. First 5 minutes could predict the winner in this one.

TO Pels. 14-4

So anyway - I’ll be greasing and oiling the reels today. New Line. Got big plans for monster Smallies up north.

Is there a magnet in the GS basket? A homing device in the ball? Who the fuck shoots like that?

Another amazing comeback win by the Yankees - check it out.


It’s nice seeing the reappearance of Rondo, it seems like he was “The Next MJ!” after helping Boston get rings, then he sort of faded into the background and bounced around a bit.