Started walking in the mornings last week


WeatherUnderground showed the particulate matter in San Jose climbing from “healthy” past moderate into Unhealthy yesterday in a few hours. I could taste the air yesterday. I woke up at 4 this morning and had to stifle a coughing fit.


We’re getting a break form the smoke, at least so far, amazing how blue the sky looks after not seeing it for a while


It’s bad. I shortened my walk when I started feeling uncomfortable.


I saw blue sky a week ago Tuesday, the wind was carrying it away. Wednesday the crud was all back.


We need to build a wall on are northern border to protect us from this Canadian Air pollution!


Give cheeto another year and ya won’t need a fire to not to be able to breathe

fucking rat scum mother fucking cons think somehow they will clean air and water anywho


I am thinking of the folks that are fighting them.


out the door at 7:59 and back at 8:49, steamy walk after the rain…


Out at the butt crack of dawn, 5:41, back at 6:40… only saw one other person on the path and that was on the way back.


I think that you showed us a picture of the trail once. Hope you see a deer and watch out for bear.


There aren’t any bears around here… you’re a million times more likely to encounter a pit bull on the loose.

Out the door at 6:12 and back at 7:12


Now that us scary!


Headed out the door this morning, thought I had the dog’s leash looped through my hand, unwrapped it from around my hand to give him more leash and off he went… and he’s a runner, I chased him to the end of the drive, he managed to keep just far enough from me I couldn’t stomp on the leash or grab it so I ended up doing a diving tackle on the leash in the grass… my old self would have broken a few things… but I was amazingly ok.


Olympic tryouts are coming up


Good save!


yeah if he gets away he’s gone… good luck… his brother was the same way and got hit by a car on one of his great adventures…


If my pooch gets out and gets in one of her “Fuck you, I’m free!” modes, I found that chasing her encourages her to keep going away, if I just stop following her and walk back to the house, she will more often than not follow me.“Hey food guy wait for me”


Never could understand this lease thing

Corky ( my grandmothers dog) Never saw a lease


So Corky paid a mortgage?


Spell cop - how sweet of you