Started walking in the mornings last week


with my girlfriend at 5am… 2nd walk 1.69 miles today in 33 minutes.

We’re starting out 3 days a week and then we’re going to try to go 5+ days a week after a couple weeks of getting used to it. Then maybe start jogging instead of walking.


Long ago there was some guy who could not cross a street without resting for 10 minutes ended up doing ironman stuff - he was like 60 too


Speed walking may be better on your bones but with many of the benefits of jogging. That is what I have heard anyway.

Swimming works as well, if you don’t mind swimming in pee.


Yeah i like swimming but…


1.78 miles in 34 min this morning.


1.75 miles in 34 minutes today.


1.65 miles in 34 minutes this morning… did a little over a mile saturday evening too.


Getting quicker. Do you plan on jogging/running eventualy?




No we’ll probably just walk faster…


Sorry, no coffee yet. Lol, apparently I’m still asleep


I am betting your brain saw the decreasing number as time rather than distance… mine did that and I had to read them a couple of times


Yep, probably.

Ok, Billdo speed the hell up.


Dis is why there are very few girl math prodigies like yer JN


How do you know how many miles


my gf has an app fer that




Does it use gps - only accurate way or use distance on goog maps


I think it uses GPS, it gives some other info too but that’s all she tells me.


1.65 miles in 33 minutes this morning… Samsung Health App is what she uses.