Started walking in the mornings last week


Looks like a gudun


1.74 miles in 35 minutes this morning

just the little bit we’ve done so far has already started to tone up my legs more


My gf threw her back out right after this last walk and then last Monday I did the same exact thing to mine while mowing and have been in pain for almost a week. We were going to start back up tomorrow but it looks like it’s going to be raining.


walked by myself this morning, about 45 minutes, probably a little over 3 miles with the dog… I don’t have the fancy stuff on my phone… did about a mile last night with her.

There is a nice walk/bike path about 4 blocks away, I went and got on it this morning.

Shortly after the last walk we both threw our backs out in the same spot and kind of ended the walking for awhile. My shit still ain’t right… trying to walk myself out of it now…


If only there was some kind of an herb or plant, with medicinal values that you could use for pain.


Or tiny pieces of glass


Or that works too.


So u and doc are the only two folks in the galaxy without a smartphone - even street people have smartphones

I is always 20 years behind and even I has one 63 bucks - ebay


I have a smart phone, it just doesn’t have a very big memory card in it so I can’t have a zillion apps on it, the camera sucks etc… it’s a Samsung Coolpad…


I didn’t pay too much attention when I got the phone I have now, I thought 16G that sounded like enough, but the os and the few basic apps i have on it, use about 14 1/2 G so I can’t have very many new apps or pics or anything on my phone.



I only got 12 gig and an 8 gig sd card added

I got tons of apps (a 100 at least) and leftover storage for all I need

android it is


mine’s good for sending texts and getting calls but that’s about it.


Strange - I looked at the specs and they are the same my Galaxy S3 which kicks ass even thou it’s old

clear out the cache

I hope you did not buy it at a yardsale


Like mine, says it can do more. Yeah, right.


If these are decent phone just reset them - they should be good to do plenty of apps and browse and sich

mine works great and it is 6 years old


my previous smart phone I never had a problem with memory, but this one, makes me wonder if it’s afu somehow.


Mine only has 1 gig of memory and works great - WTF?


54 minutes this morning, I’m thinking probably around 3.5 miles… don’t know if the dog is going to be able to hang, he got tired of walking towards the end and wanted to stop and sniff everything.


After just yesterday I could feel it in my legs and mid section, if I keep it up I should slim down fast…


1 hour and 10 minutes this morning and covered quite a bit more ground, walking faster etc. keep going farther on the trail every day.