Started walking in the mornings last week


My wife is like that with beer. "If I have to acquire the taste, why would I want to? "

I did get her started on wine, tho…


I’ve never been much for acquiring a taste.


I got Dawn to like Yuengling Black and Tan which she hated



Out the door at 6:24 back at 7:14. More leaves on the path every day already, fall is coming.


I had in mind something made from cement blocks and 6 mil plastic liner. That would be more in line with my budget.:slightly_smiling_face:

The big problem is that in my area I would need to have it enclosed like in your picture, that would start getting pricey.:thinking:


Better to invest in a pool rather than the pharmacy


Thought I was going to get rained out but there was a break in the rain and out the door at 7:43 and back at 8:38.

My girlfriend has a treadmill but it’s at her parent’s house, we’re going to get it back and maybe I’ll go walk around the mall in the mornings with the old folks during the winter. The dog is really going to miss his walks though, he’s crazy for walking now.Hopefully it will be the last winter I spend in the shithole midwest.


A lot of winter days are comfortable. There weren’t that many days when my sinuses felt painful. Walk the dog!:slightly_smiling_face:


yeah that’s what I was thinking too, there’s only about a month out of the year probably that’s really bad.


Yer getting soft

anybody can’t take winter don’t deserve summer

when it starts getting cold just wear a t-shirt - you will freeze but yer body adapts to the cold much better

walk in the mall - LMAO


Dude, she’s a girl now, she probably is gonna change how she shops. Men go to buy, women go to SHOP.


Are you sayin it’s powder puffs instead of chainsaws?

And ya could put out a rack of 10000 dresses and they could pick out the most expensive one in ten seconds


Where are you moving to?


And still spend 45 minutes because there might be a better one


Hopefully the left coast someday, probably WA state…


Did the shorter walk yesterday, about 50 minutes… today I was out the door at 5:58 and back at 7:29, longer walk. Lots of deer, they live down on the walk path and then at night they come eat everyone’s gardens.


Well I was up to go on my walk at 5:45am but it’s raining so no walk today.


It doesn’t hurt to have one or two off days a week.


I would consider buying some rainboots, rain slicker for the future. There is something really calming about walking in the rain, well not if its a deluge…but a calm rainfall.

Good for stress management.


I went for my evening walk and ended up with a sore throat.

The air quality is so bad from the fires here in CA and all the way up the Pacific coast.

I still have a sore throat this morning.