Where the fuck is Trey Gowdy when we need him?


I want to hear Trey Gowdy, the maggot congressman from South Carolina, call a press conference and mention these dead soldiers by name while he explains his failure to open an investigation into their deaths in a foreign adventure which has not been approved by Congress as the Constitution requires.

I know he knows how to investigate such things. He’s made a damn career out of Benghazi, and these soldiers died over a week ago in Niger. WHY IS HE DRAGGING HIS FEET?

SSG Bryan Black of Washington state, SSG Jeremiah Johnson of Ohio, SGT La David Johnson of Florida and SSG Dustin Wright of Georgia…say their names, Congressman…you sleazy partisan hack.


He will remain silent as long as he can get away with it.


Soldiers sign up to die, cost of war, they knew what they were getting into, no sense getting into the subject of who and why they are put in a particular situation, bla bla bla pew pew pew Benghazi!