This is why the GOP wins



A constitution written to appease the slaving owning states. Making new generations of slaves for over 200 years.


I thought a rep was supposed to be for a similar number of people. This should be addressed.


I think they’re referring to Senators, not representatives.


I thought you were more intelligent than this :frowning:


Would you like to expand on this? You’re making a pesonal attack while not addressing the issue at all.

Shocking, I know.


It’s the EC, and it’s weighted by the senate.

The EC equates to a guy in Utah or Nebraska having twice the vote impact of a person in New York.


I’m jetlagged. SO I misread it.

Basically the 2 senators thing adds weight to the votes in less populous states, like Oak said. Not exactly equitable.


Almost like it was designed for EQUALITY.


Same reason why California has about 5 times as much Representatives as all those states in the pic added together.


It wasn’t designed for equality. It was designed to overrepresent a minority - the southern slaves states at the time.


:roll_eyes: OH, please.

It was designed to be FAIR.

You really think California deserves so much representatives?


It wasn’t designed to be fair.

Yes, California, NY, Texas and Florida and any other state with huge populations represent MORE Americans than fucking Wyoming or North Dakota.

Are you an idiot? No, don’t answer that. You’re a huge idiot.


So, miss fucking dolt, why do those states deserve more say so than other states?

It’s called EQUALITY.


It’s not equality, stupid when it’s an UNEQUAL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE.

Where the fuck is the equality, dumbshit?


Equality by Statehood: Senators.

Equality by people. Representatives.

Why are you too stupid to understand this?


Dude, quit trying to troll yer own ignorance. Google is yer friend, if you don’t wanna believe Oak.


Land needs representation?

Florida, Texas and California need more senators than Rhode Island in that case.


Sorry, each state gets 2*

Equality by Statehood.


Every state has 2 Senators.

The Representatives are determined by population.


That’s the way it’s written. It’s undemocratic and it serves the interest of conservatives.

Just don’t call it equality.

The whole point of being a representative democracy is to REPRESENT people.


How is it not equality? Why should California get more representation of statehood than Idaho, or WA? Or literally any other state since they’re all the same.

50 States, 100 voices.

Don’t be a complete retard, now.