The Sad State of Pro Basketball


yay, Warriors!


LeBron, at the beginning of the season:




Draymond at the victory parade, earlier today:



In all this talk of where teams stand all-time, I’d like to suggest people overlook the 89-90 Pistons far too easily. Their interior of Laimbeer, Edwards, Mahorn (one year) Rodman and Salley would have kicked the shit out of the Warrior interior and Draymond in particular. As for Steph Curry?

And I haven’t even brought up Isiah Thomas. Again, that Pistons team could beat you any way you wanted. They beat the Bird/McHale Celtics, the Magic/Kareen Lakers and the Jordan/Pippen Bulls pretty well.


Maybe, maybe not.


I’m just pointing out they are quickly dismissed and had the tools and talent to play with and beat, with money on the table, teams considered the best in history. As with any game, no definites.


They did have a pretty good team in that era, as did my Blazer’s that made some noise around the same time, but no cigars for them tho. (on a side note, I guess the Pistons recently asked the Blazer’s about interviewing our coach Stott’s and were told no, before they hired Casey, which is flattering I’m sure for a coach)