Quit smoking tobacco


whoa, I’ve gained like 15lbs, not a huge deal because I had slimmed down a lot the past year but I don’t necessarily want to gain anymore back!


Maybe get lots of veggies to snack on, like baby carrots n stuff.


My cig habit is cheaper, at least.


Lemon drops are good too.


Cinnamon sticks are said to work also, plus you get the coolness factor of having a toothpick dangling menacingly from your sneer.


I rarely spend over $300 a month on it, I was smoking 3 grams a day before I stopped smoking cigs. I do think smoking tobacco after smoking weed gets you higher though. Mokin…


When I smoked I thought cig smoke smelled like tobacco, now I know it smells like a garbage fire.


Actually a garbage fire smells better




Congratulations on being a quitter, Billdo!

Fantastic news!!!




Had an uncle who was in and out of VA mental hospitals in the 60’s and was a heavy smoker

They would give him 20 packs a day for free if he wanted them - not kidding


During one of my visits to the VA’s Ortho Ward, we had a Retired Marine Corp Kernel (He might have even been a General, I know there was a bit of excitement from the VA staff having such a high ranking dudebro in the house) join us for a few days, he was apparently a confirmed alcy, and the Dr’s let him have I think 3 or maybe 4 Beers a Day, like one right after lunch and 2 in the evenings,this stuck out, because it was very unusual, he was a quiet grumpy old cuss, but in the evening while he was sipping his brewskis he’d lighten up some come out of his shell a bit and be less of a burned out hard ass Field Commander and be just a regular joe for a while.


Almost 4 months without smoking cigs, still smoke plenty of pot. Smoking and smokers gross me out now, so glad I’m not one of them anymore, their homes make my throat and lungs burn even if they aren’t smoking… you might as well go smoke some garbage if you’re smoking tobacco because that’s what it smells like, if you’re going to smoke at least smoke weed instead of tobacco.


I grew up with a parent that smoked in our house, cars, out camping, etc. I freaking hate that shit, it stinks, it’s rude and obnoxious to those around you.

It seems I can smell smoke from miles away…sick shit.


When you smoke though it smells like tobacco, when you stop smoking it’s like a garbage fire… But going into people’s homes that only smoke weed doesn’t make my throat and lungs burn and they don’t stink.


Sometimes after really blazing a joint though my girlfriend will come home and kiss me and ask me if I’ve been smoking tobacco but I haven’t. So I guess weed can stink a little at times but it doesn’t linger like tobacco does.


A couple of weeks ago, we went to a rose garden. Frankly, it didn’t smell that great. There were a few folks smoking weed. Instead of smelling roses, which is a great part of the reason we went, we smelled skunky pot.

I don’t care if people smoke pot, but it did diminish the rose garden experience.


Weed does have a strong and pungent aroma. No doubt about that.


Our girlfriend says roses smell like a funeral home anyways… :slight_smile:

My weed might smell skunky but it tastes like grapes and various types of fruity candies naturally :slight_smile: