Quit smoking tobacco


The one certain thing I know, besides death and taxes, is there is no such thing as one cigarette.


Don’t even think about it, junior.


If you give up now all those days that you went without smoking plus the weight gain will have been for nothing.


Told ya


I gained 25 lbs one year not smoking. Of course I am quite svelt these days.


Do you smoke whilst hiking?

LMAO @ Iowa

No - I don’t smoke. As I said to Billdo earlier - If you give yourself something to love when you quit that you would lose if you started again, it will be a deterrent from readopting the behavior.


So how many times a day are you milking it now?


Cycling, Basketball, hiking, swimming - Things I would not be doing if I smoked cigarettes. No way I’d ever start again knowing I would lose these activities that I love even though none of them has tits, Apey.

Soon, Billdo will be carrying railroad ties over his shoulders up the side of mountains and have forgotten all about those cigarettes.


I’m gonna be too fat for any of that lol


had a cig about an hour ago, tasted like shit, didn’t make me want another one, joints are much more satisfying in every way.


Told ya!

Now go find a DUNCE HAT


We need an update.


Haven’t smoked any cigs since that awful one the other night and craving them less in general since that but kind of craving one this morning more.


If I take over the whirl I will execute the board of every cig maker on earth

can I get a like


I smoke about 5 grams or $50 worth of weed a day.


Before I made my final quit, I had over the years, “quit” several times for periods up to two years. I remember on one of the later occasions, having massive cravings after 2 years though I had not been at all struggling for those 2 years. Totally irresistible, and I was hooked again.
When I made my last, and finally, successful attempt. I used a product called Smoke RX. This herbal formula cuts cravings, but also detoxes you of hidden lurking cigarette related shit which hides until something causes a release into your blood - maybe 2 years later - suddenly causing cravings seemingly from nowhere. I attribute my continued success, and that I have never wanted to have a smoke since, to the detoxing effect of this product. Of course, I am a total anti-smoking nazi now. Come near me with your smoke and I will go homicidal on your ass.
I also had used nicotine patch and gum along with the herbs.


Do you grow all your own, or are you spending a lot of money on it?


I was at the shoppers and almost gagged when someone that smoked walked by - just from the clothes


I know a few people that grow around here, some all the time, some off and on… I’m in the loop and get it dirt cheap, and usually top quality connoisseur grade stuff…