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…should try to rise above their lesser instincts and say a prayer for Rush Limbaugh. He has a mansion on the east coast of Florida, after all.


Sure. Despite the fact that hurricane warnings are a liberal device, he is evacuating nonetheless. Godspeed


Liberals are forcing him to evacuate. Otherwise he’d spend the day at the beach.


The beach today is probably just the way Christie likes it.


Indirectly, yes. He says he would still stay, but it’s “legally impossible” for him to do his show from south FL.

The show’s the thing, after all. It must go on.


I hope he remembers to pack his Oxy and Viagra.


I wonder if he ever got off the Oxy? I think some of these things are pretty hard to get off of. I don’t know.


Probably not, probably just trying to control his habit.


I think that people can die trying to get of anti-anxiety drugs. Not sure.