Canada has Trumpsters too


Many times we’ve gone through this. Sure many are victims, maybe all - victims of the religion. But once you have become a tool of the religion you are indeed a part of the problem.
I think if you look at the recs in the thread you will see that I agreed with Starlings comment on her (the nut lady in the video) need for education. I know Sikhs, I know muslims. I know something of their history and interaction. I know the Tenth Guru gave the practitioner the arts of self defense to allow the peaceful Sikhs the right and means to defend themselves against muslim atrocities.
Liberals, at least in my view, do not run from fact or deny history, or fail to learn its lessons, Lotus.
Would you like to hear your argument as I hear it. Example: Charlottesville. OMG! You are condeming all White Nationalist because of one person’s actions. They are peaceful people who just want some space not to be threatened. They only want separation to live peacefully. Oh never mind that old history of lynchings - that was way back when, you can’t go by that. We have to accept them and then they will relax and all of the perceived hostility will stop. I mean didn’t you see that one poor guy in the video crying because he cares so much about his people, he’s sensitive and frightened by the endless attacks on them. I mean how many actually ever killed someone? A very small percent who don’t really represent White Nationalism bla bla bla.
Same bullshit argument, just about different fucked up conservatives.
Wake up, folks. Islam is a poison. The same lethal poison it has been for its entire history.


I agree with you on the hypocrisy of arguments that are based on which side you favour. Wrong is wrong and it shouldn’t matter who is doing it.

My problem with the Muslim debate is it’s multifaceted and not easily taken down to simple rights and wrongs. I think our current dialogue is driven by fear and ignorance and isn’t serving us well at all.