Canada has Trumpsters too



Voting for Shariah. LOL!

He handled it well IMHO.


LOL, she doesn’t want anyone in her face, but she is ok with being in someone else’s face. What a hypocrite.

And such ignorance.


It would be really helpful to sit down and talk to these people. Educate them. Let them know that Sikhs aren’t Muslims.


Horse. Water. Drink?


I just think we spend too much time ignoring people and “putting them in their place” rather than talking to them. We aren’t going to get anywhere without an honest dialogue.


Yeah, but you just can’t get through to Moose Limbs with rational discussion, logic, and education. They aren’t listening. :wink:


Your Muslim troll is boring me.




I never troll, sweetheart. They aren’t listening, and that is an invariable fact.


Problem is, it’s not just boring. It makes him look like a Trumptarded moran.

Why do people think coming off as Trumptarded is an effective troll?

BTW, that woman in the op vid should be on a 5150 hold. She’s off the rails.


I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be a Yank.


If she is, they should put her in a holding cell for illegal immigrants and let her languish there.


Or at least sued for slander… her “I happen to KNOW you are Muslim Brotherhood” is demonstrably false.


Yeah, sue her and lock her up somewhere where she is not a danger to herself or others.


Personally, if I were Jag, I’d interview her on live tv.


No, Trumptards attack Liberals not other conservatives, unless they can’t maintain a consistent view, much like Libs aren’t able to - but what are Libs if not other conservatives anyway. You see, as I’ve said many times, I don’t ask much of people on these boards other than to develop a consistent philosophy. If you base an argument on a fundamental principle, then don’t abandon that principle in the context of another topic of debate.
Don’t give a nice argument about Trumplings being psychotic anti-Americans (anti-Liberals) and then defend Muzzies, who are at least as fucked up, radically conservative and intolerant haters of Liberalism as Trumptards. There are only two reasons why Libs do that, one is that they can’t think things through for themselves so they “think” what they are told by their political masters (the DNC or whoever), and they are terrified to say anything about Islam that isn’t high praise because they are in fear of retribution.
Here’s a nice example of a Lib thing I saw on CNN last Thursday. Debate on subject DACA/Immigration more broadly. Lib woman in red dress, shaking in faux anger goes into a tirade about the Constitution being a document which is mutable based on current needs and situation, therefore immigration policy isn’t fixed by tradition…and besides WE ARE A NATION of IMMIGRANTS.
Now, I’m not going to explain to you where the Libtard contradiction lies in the argument, and if you can’t spot it immediately then I gotta think you are a hopeless Libtard - every bit as bad in my view as a Trumptard ot Muzztard.
So there you have it, I dislike all conservatives equally. No bias on my part. Trumtard, Libtards, Muzztard, Conservatards, Repukelickins, Democraps, xtian fundies - all the same no-thinky ant-Liberal types to me. You know what would make me happy? If they’d all fuckin drop dead. What a wonderful world it could be.



No yuo


I may be wrong, but I don’t think that Canadian law has as much tolerance for this sort of thing as American law does.


Yeah. Like you. Liberals do not paint all members of a religion, race, ethnicity, etc. with a single broad brush. The fact that you don’t understand that there are liberal, non-extremist Muslims says a lot about you. And you haven’t even touched on the fact that that woman is attacking a SIKH and demanding that he address the issue of Sharia law. LMAO. Your hatred of Muslims is so thick you can’t even condemn the monster in the vid. SMH over how sorry I feel for you and your ilk.