14 year old black boy tries to ask for directions, gets shot at by


a good Murican.

When 14-year-old Brennan Walker missed his bus on Thursday morning and started walking to school, he thought knocking on a door to ask for directions would help. He didn’t think it would nearly get him shot.





No doubt the homeowner “feared for his life”, or some similar thing a gunhumping pussy says to justify buying a security blanket.


And in more “Being a black man in Murica” news:

A video showing Philadelphia police officers handcuffing and removing two black men from a Starbucks store has gone viral and incited allegations of racism, but the police commissioner insists his officers did “absolutely nothing wrong.”

Author Melissa DePino tweeted a video on Thursday showing officers escorting two black men out of a Starbucks in Center City as bystanders questioned why the men were being arrested.



Video of the arrest at link.

No waiting while Black - even whites were going WTF?