Todays Funny


Who wore it better?



One of the two funniest skits from the Carol Burnett Show, fact.

(hint: it’s the one on the right)


That is my favorite. I love Carol Burnett.




Fork you, eh? Fitting.




That is awesome and Tim’s answer will from here on in be my answer to anyone who asks me that question.











Man knowing he is about to get fired, hires emotional support clown.


My kiddo was driving down the freeway, when a Tesla swerves into her lane. Needless to say, it was a close call and pissed of my folks. They noticed the driver was reading his phone

They use the symbol for the state bird of California, then move on. The Tesla owner is apparently angered, speeds up to catch up to my people. He rolls his windown down and yells “It’s a self-driving car!”

So, then my kiddo looks at this person and yells back “Your car’s an asshole!”

The other guy just scowls but shuts the hell up.

I think the line is classic.




Uh wut?