I'll just leave this here and see where it goes


Teaching fucking composition to college students.

Heavily fucking regulated.


Just the other day, some idiot tweaker walked into a backyard party and started shooting. He was getting payback for some ridiculous crap his warped mind concocted due to being all spun out. He got the gun from my neighbor down the street.

Hoodlums, weirdos, tweakers, white, Mexicans, blacks…this country is obsessed with violence and I don’t see it ever getting any better.


Teevee needs more sex, weed and rock n roll and less murder and violence. :stuck_out_tongue:


Also a good place to start with ending the violence would be to reign in the violent government who solves all of their problems with violence and commit to pacifism.


More guns makes us all safer, I read that somewhere, you can use it if you like.