I can't be arsed to search for the Kavanaugh thread, so


Who would that be?


The Kavanaugh accuser person.


Can’t be, Kavanaugh was a virgin. I found his claim that he was a virgin to be credible. I believe that he was telling the truth. Men don’t lie about sich things.



Not affluent 17 year olds anyway.


What kind of drugs are you on?


He’s actually mocking Trump with that homage to Trump’s Putin apologia.(He just wants to fit in)




FB friend:

“Those saying that boys aren’t mature enough to control urges to rape girls also say these boys are mature enough to own guns.”




Julie Swetnick Accuses Brett Kavanaugh Of Sexual Misconduct, Alleges He Was Present During ‘Gang Rape’


Time to repost this timeless classic.



You forgot immaturity and Ute.


Is this about Ute Urns



See LIBtards, who hasn’t pulled hijinks like Kavanaugh? Checkmate!


I heard Brett went full Alex Jones on the stand.


Barbara Boxer said something like “It was Clarence Thomas plus crying”.

LMFAO, what a little bitch


‘fckn bitch kept looking me like i’m some kind of sick freak!’