Been nice knowing y'all


But all Jews are not Israelis. No siree.


I meant figuratively speaking, not literally.


…but I have to say that Lotus is definitely wrong on the all Israelis are Jews thing. Totally wrong there.


Evidently your starters didn’t hear the starting gun.

ROOOONDOOOOOOOO! 14 assists already. He’s stokin it.
Whooops - make that 15.

Blazers should change their name to Blizzards they’re so cold. What kind of team names themselves after a jacket anyway?
Came back a bit though.


It’s Lillard time! (One hopes) (When you say “It’s Lillard Time” You raise your (possibly hypothetical) watch hand wrist and tap it with the opposite hand’s index finger, Dame will demo as the game progresses)


Pels sloppy. Very very sloppy. 1 point under a minute to play.


Blazers have the “Pels” right where they want them.



Pels just let them get back in so they could break their comeback hearts. Much tougher loss than loosing by 20. :wink:


Oh huh!


Quacks like a duck - and sich


Insertin sports into other threads is gona be noted every time



The Vikings raided, raped and pillaged most of Europe for Hundreds of years. If you have any European ancestry in your blood you probably have some Viking as well.




Is 25% Jewish enough to qualify you as being Jewish if you so wanted?


lol… call me names all you want. you know im right.


cuz n korea has nukes.



There are a lot of Iranian Jews, too. About half a million of them here in LA.

But I did mean, “All Isrealis are Jews, but not all Jews are Israelis, and not all Israelis are Zionists, and not all Jews are Zionists.” Jews, Israelis, Zionists – not all the same thing.


There are non-Jew Israelis. Arab types. Some muslims, etc among those. So…


…and what does it mean - you only go to Temple once a month?
…and to be a “Jew” it means - to practice Judaism, or a genetic type?

Is Jew and Judean the same? No.

Certainly an interesting subject, with many available sidetracks.