Your brain on LSD



I LOVE that song!


David Byrne is back on the charts, in fact his latest is already higher than any Talking Heads album went.

Er, for those who care about this…


I’d love to hear it.


LSD was really cool for me, but I was with a couple of people who had a really rough time on it. The thing that worries me about it is how different everyone’s brain wiring is.

I would do it with someone I trust the first time.




When I first started taking it as a teenager I’d take it with friends. When I rediscovered it in my 30’s it was an almost total solitary pursuit and much better. I haven’t taken any in about 5 years now.


Last time I took it I went to a bar and found I was still more sober than all of the people at the bar even though I was trippin ballz.


I started to feel like everytime I did it the next day when I woke up I’d be in a parallel universe very much the same as the last one but with subtle differences. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure, wouldn’t you know the first time I drop acid the Mormon Missionaries show up! And without a pizza. WTF?

It’s been more like shrooms and less intense than what others are describing. I think more is in order.





What a predicament. No pizza?