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A lawyer, a spy, a mob boss, and a money launder walk into a bar. The bartender says: “you guys must be here to talk about adoption.”


Snowflake trumpsters must have reported my post on that one too…


“There needs to be an investigation into whether anyone in the Trump family has loyalties to America.”


Trump is running the country like a business… that business being an Ohio State Fair.



MAGA: Morons Are Governing America


Deeanne2 minutes ago
Say it how you will and protest as you do. Donald Trump is now the most unpopular President in American history, at this point in his tenure, according to polls. And he certainly deserves to be so unpopular, because he’s the most secretive, amateurish, unprepared, demagogic, authoritarian, immature, petulant, rude, crude, vindictive, inconsistent, dishonest, bigoted, ridiculous, ignorant, corrupt, bombastic, narcissistic, dangerous, unpredictable, foolish, naïve, dysfunctional, egomaniacal, incompetent, contradictory, amoral, disgusting President in American history.

Fortunately for the Donald, he inherits an America that is doing better than ever. Thanks to Obama, we have record unemployment numbers, record stock market highs, low gas prices, legalized gay marriage, low health insurance costs (mine is less than 100/month thanks to Obamacare), low car insurance costs (mine is just 25/month from Insurance Panda), low mortgage rates, high consumer confidence, legalized marijuana (almost), and more personal freedoms than ever before!

Trump, on the other hand, picks another ignorant right wing fascist with mental health issues for his administration. We are in trouble, America!


Trump smashes another polling record!

Days to hit 61% disapproval (Gallup)
Carter: Never
Reagan: Never
H.W. Bush: Never
Clinton: Never
W. Bush: 1,932
Obama: Never
Trump: 207




bah it didn’t even come close to capturing the whole page of them… :stuck_out_tongue:



Army1 minute ago
Our “Comrade in Chief”, mr. trump’s successes?

Build a Wall? Failed.
And make Mexico pay for it? Failed.
Repeal Obamacare? Failed.
Tax Reform? Failed.
Rebuild Infrastructure? Failed.
Bring businessmen on board? Failed.

“Enable” and support racists, Klan members, white supremacists, and neo-fascists (the Trump Voting “Base”)? SUCCESS




So i guess Trump is a flip flopper


Fake video, fake news


Well duh!


3 hours ago
OH POOR BABIES!! Did someone take your country from you?
You’ll be alright. Come sit on mamma’s lap, I’ll explain it to you.
You see darling, no one took anything away from you. You don’t own this country. You are what’s called a citizen. Citizens have rights, but no one owns America. For example, you have the right to free speech, even if it is hateful. And your fellow citizens out there…the ones who out numbered you a thousand to one…they have the right to out-shout you.
Now there there. Brush your tooth and off to bed.


And still no one has the right to beat the shit out of each other.


Trump does the work of 2 men…Laurel and Hardy