Why is everything about race?




All them things was legal


Your point?


Anyone who isn’t intelligent enough to realize the current generation of white people had nothing to do with slavery, is also stupid enough to think black people can’t be racist.


I’m sorry you can’t see how this attitude about ethnic and racial minorities persists among many Americans. Most of them support Trump and his bigoted and divisive policies.


I’m sorry black people won’t let you walk through stores without being followed or pull you over all the time, or deny you housing or jobs.


Funny story,

So no shit there I was, a couple days ago in Walmart and my team is all black people and then me. My hands were full and I put some licky chewies in my hoodie pocket. One of my mate’s comes up and says “you realize you’re with 4 black people… they watching us bro”

smh lmao


There ya go, now imagine that happening to you a lot. Just because you’re black.


It’s like he has all the evidence he needs, even anecdotal since he’s always favored that but still cant see outside his own skin.


I was making fun of sessions and that bitch - but they were legal - how many times have I sed the USA will fucking pay for past karma - not if - when


Nah, I’m just not racist and think people should look forward instead of backwards.


You and yer kind are looking forward to the resurrection of fucking nazi germany - we all fucking know it -


Something easier for a white man to say.


Look forward? Like these guys?


Those are good people Oak.


Boro wants to sweep the heinousness of his fellow conservatives under the rug.


When did I say that? I’ve said before that racists need to be hung along side sexual offenders.


But short of that happening, when racists do their racist shit, YOU’RE going to hear about it and you should stop complaining when you do hear about it.


Link to where I complained about it?


You’re very first post in the thread is a complaint.