Why are men silent?


She was suspended for 12 hours for tweeting someone’s phone number. Faux outrage.


Oh. Good Lord.




About what?


Someone pointing out a truth.

For the critical-thinking-challenged here:

The lack of women in any positions of power (until very, very recently, and still mostly in TV) in Hollywood has certainly made it easier for men to get away with sexual harrassment and rape in the business. The male code of silence maintains the status quo. As much as possible, they only wanted women around who were compliant sex objects. Also, the men who are power hungry don’t want to compete with women as well as with other men.

This matters ourside the business as well, because Hollywood has impacted the American sense of self for a long time. So its lack of support for equality for women definitely had at least an unconscious effect in other arenas.


You read like a whiney feminist.


You read like 'I was born into plenty and if someone else wasn’t, fuck ‘em serves them right!’


Are you a feminist?
Is Lotus letting a man speak for her?


Do you write for a Soap Opera?


I don’t watch them.


You read like an indignant rapist.


Everyone is entitled to respond to your horseshit.


I’m female, I can’t rape.


Sure you are.


What’s your problem?




Typical prog denial.


Why the ad hominem, dawg?