Why are men silent?



Here’s a man who spoke out.

But, woops!


I confess I didn’t really read the thing with Ben. Did he come across like he didn’t know anything, and that’s what Rose was calling BS on?


Yes. He has also just been accused of sexual assault (with video evidence and witnesses).


Hollywood is in bed with Weinstein and Clinton’s.


Maybe Weinstein will be the next pussy grabbing president.


From what I have heard from people in the industry is that this is common place behaviour.


That’s been one of my trolls on Yahoo when Repugs laugh about Weinstein and “Libs eating their own”.

I reply Libs fired Weinstein from a firm bearing his own name. Cons take a sexual predator and elect him as their Supreme Leader.

Not a lot of replies, but the thumbs fly in both directions.


It’s apparently been a not so secret secret for some time, at least with Harvey



There’s a meme showing Obama and a couple other cats sharing posed smiles with Weinstein at some gala affair with the caption, ""You can cast judgement on someone based on who he gets in a picture with’ or something like that.


If I knew about it I’d say something. Long long ago my wife and I were grocery shopping at the local Kroger. One of our very best friends in the world (still is after this whole story, in fact coming to visit next weekend) Kevin came into the store with someone who most definitely was not his fiancee Cari. They were skipping and kissing, and making out and we simply looked at each other, dropped our shit and left before we had THAT uncomfortable meeting. But there was the question, did we tell Cari? Was it our bidness? Our place? Long story short, my wife was a Class A wussy and I told Cari. I’m just that way. I’m not going to have her made a fool out of and in the 80’s god forbid that AIDS goin’ round if he fucked up I didn’t think should put her at risk. That’s just beyond not fair.

Hell, I challenge crews of construction workers who catcall women if I hear it near me. Fuck that. You don’t have that right.


Not only are men silent, but Lotus would agree they are also deadly.



They are whores who don’t want to be known as snitches or self-righteous(they probably couldn’t pull it off), bad for their careers and all.:no_mouth:


This is interesting


Interesting? It’s bullshit.

They allow Trump to practically start nuclear war but McGowen can’t speak out?


Exactly, that is the tenor of several of the follow up tweets to the lovely and talented Rose’s predicament.


That’s highly disturbing.


I might as well use this thread to point out that men in Hollywood have also been dead silent for decades on the dearth of writing, directing, show running, producing, and non-sex-object acting jobs for women.