Wabbit, where in the world is this?


I’m guessing yer Alps, so Der Schweiz?


I rode on that train once.

It is in Schweiz, the mountains you see are the Eiger, the Monch, and the Jungfrau (the ogre, the monk, and the young lady).

The valley between you and the peaks (that you can’t see too well from there) is Lauterbrunnen, which is my very favorite place on the planet so far.

Some DAMNED fine trailwalking in these parts…


(actually I didn’t ride on it, but the 3-year-old we were hiking with started to get melty so he and his mom rode on the train and his dad walked the route with Me and MrsR)





Holy shit, are you the majestic white dog?


I don’t think it’s him but the dog looks like it’s just had a big meal.


:angry: :laughing: