Trump the last great white hope


of the poor and ignorant


I pity those people. They have no voice. No one in either party cares about them.


I do and I don’t…


That is why Trump got elected.


And he’s doing nothing for them. Fracking and automation took their jobs.


You need to get out more, Latino, Black and female unemployment is at historically low levels. Didn’t Maddow tell you that?



Pay is basically the same for 30 years. So more people are working and for shitty wages. Yay.


And his core supporters are still uneducated and unemployed.


Seems to fit here


Calling them deplorable was a stupid strategy.

But what the hell is wrong with the guy 4 minutes in. Retarded?


Truth is often offensive. If one could reason with a TRUMP supporter, there wouldn’t be TRUMP supporters.