Trump makes a deal for a shit sammich


I’m on record as detesting Di Fi, for multiple varied reasons.

Still, it’s a pleasure to watch her play the Orange One like a pawn shop ukulele.


In his defense, he could make all the verbal agreements he wants, it doesn’t mean he would feel like doing them later.


I had a boss once who gave out work and then when the worker did it he would say I did not mean that - so one guy made him write it out and sign it - and then the guy spent two months on a project and the boss sez that is not what I wanted - so the guy pulls out the letter - and the boss sez I really did not mean it like that.

I simply told him to stay the fuck away from me and I do what I wanted


Knew a guy in college once, Ag Science he was.

One night he decided to get out the cards and teach some of us city boys a good ol’ game called poker.

An accounting major, a statistician, and a Chem E hustled him out of five hundred bucks in less than an hour.

tRump reminds me of that boy.