Today's Trump Tribulation


Trump getting sued by Maryland and District of Columbia for his business shenanigans.


Today’s Trump Tribulation:


LMAO@ this tribulation. Lots o’ Trump haters out there.


Today’s Trump Tribulation:


Never knew Trump had a big estate in St Martin… so now it’s starting to make sense to me… Donny has his kilos shipped to St. Martin first, then on to Marlago from there… from Marlago it gets flown by helicopter up to NYC and NJ and distributed by his mobster pals.



When Trump wrote on Weichselbaum’s behalf, the real estate developer had known the criminal for several years. Weichselbaum, seen at left, was general manager of a helicopter company that shuttled high rollers for Trump to the tycoon’s Atlantic City casinos, business that was worth about $2 million annually. Weichselbaum’s firm also maintained, stored, and provided pilots for Trump’s personal $10 million Super Puma helicopter.

Another felon with whom Trump was friendly was also in the helicopter business. John Staluppi, a Colombo crime family member, was an owner of Dillinger Charter Services, which flew gamblers into Atlantic City on behalf of Trump and other casino licensees. As TSG reported last year, Staluppi also worked closely with the billionaire to create the Donald Trump signature series Cadillac limousine, which debuted in 1988.


Yeah, but what color are they?


It’s been almost three months since a hundred and eighty congressional Dems said they were gonna sue 45 over emoluments. Anybody heard anything more about this LOLsuit?


I’m guessing he also keeps some sex slaves (upon which to pee) there.