Three fires in the area


Oh that’s right, didn’t you buy OJ’s old place and have it rebuilt?


After Sandy we now have a warchest of hurricane supplies, 4 cases of water, four new LED lanterns and a local police band and weather and fire band radio that also has a USB charger for phones that you have a hand crank on so you don’t need electricity to charge your phones or ipads. I also owned a trunking digital Uniden cop radio so we’ll know what they know when they know it.


Similar to our phone crank charger w radio and so forth. Could be most handy


The wind is supposed to pick up tomorrow night. A little scary.


Yeah, I heard something on NPR earlier about the Santa Anas kicking up. Keep your head up and eyes open.


Yeah. I posted a pic in that Supermoon thread.


Oh yeah, that’s right I remember. looks romantic. You did good.


She’ll be okay. The mote around her all white enclave will stop the fire.


[quote=“LotusBud, post:26, topic:22992”]
Yeah. I posted a pic in that Supermoon thread.

I woke up last night around 2 am and it looked like there was a dusting of snow on the ground.

It was believable because it is getting cold enough for snow.


I read on Twitter you should put buckets of water in your yard for desperate animals fleeing the fire who need it.



Yes. We’ve done that.


That man rescued the rabbit in lower left corner.

Video at bottom of link



Tell Tinyhands to come on over. We’ll let him stand right in front of the fire. And bring Pence.


How is/was today progressing?


The fire closest to me is contained. The Ojai fire is getting bigger. The winds are supposed to pick up tomorrow, which is horrible.


Maybe if you turned on all your fans and aimed them in the other direction it might help push the fire back.

Problem solving, it’s what I do :wink:


Also I just read you should print this and put it in all your windows to show police and emergency responders you deserve to be rescued first.


Not me, I just get my lawn chair, some sticks, Marshmallows, Hershey’s and some Graham Crackers… and some Beer.

A friend of mine and his wife recently retired to San Diego. He posted to me that he turned around and saw his wife inhaling soot. Between that and bleached sidewalks they are thinking of bugging out, two years is enough.