Three fires in the area


in December!

A friend of mine had to evacuate. She couldn’t talk when I called her, but she may need to bunk with us.

Freeways closed, schools closed. Heavy smoke in the air. Heavy.

In December!



Ventura fire, 0% contained.


These are probably sold out by now, but you should really get some as soon as you can. Evidently the whole damn state is gonna burn sooner or later.

N95 type respirator masks. Regular dust masks won’t suffice.


Are you at any risk?

Stay safe!!!


Not a bad idea Spoon, when the Valley was getting smoked out from the Gorge fires, I wished I would have had one of those.


Do you have marshmallows?

Stay safe.



No, just from smoke inhalation. Thanks!


Yeah, when the Napa fires were burning earlier, we visited my parents in the Central Valley and the air was better.

The air is crap in the CV, that’s why this is weird.


More fires this morning.


We feel for you guys up here after the summer we’ve had.

I hope they get things under control quickly!



Lotus_Bud, if you don’t mind answering, what general part of LA do you live in?


We don’t have fires out here, we have niggers.

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It looks apocalyptic!


I live very, very close to the Skirball fire that started this morning. I drive the 405 every day. Today was a study day at my university so I had the day off. My head hurts from the smoke.


I’ll hope for the best. Not much else anyone but the firefighters can do. Keep us updated as best you can


I assume you have escape plans (multiple routes etc) and a “Go bag” shit you need now with you when you go, assuming the worst…


There’s really no good escape route. If we had to get out fast, we’d be done for. We do have our earthquake kit, such as it is. I’m pretty sure the fires won’t make it here, though, since we’re not in the wooded area.

I’ve seen people walking around with masks, though. Maybe I should get some.


I just ordered a box of those. Thanks, Spoon.