Thread for the daily mass shooting


Why do our kids do this to each other? What other kids on earth go to school and kill their classmates?


You used foxnews for a source?:grin:


I must be confused. I thought four people hadda die for it to be a mass shooting.


Four people have to get shot. He shot almost 20.


Well, okay then.


I don’t know but it’s now a fear I have when my kids go to school. When you meet some kids, you wonder if they could of would. We even talked about what to do if a shooter points a gun at them.



I definitely had that fear the entire time my kids were in school. I also have that fear as a teacher. It’s a fucked up thing to have to fear.


Does that fear ever affect the grades you give? Like even in the sub conscious you might think “this guy could shoot up the place so I’ll let these few things slide”?


Not usually. I am pretty good about that. There may have been one time when I gave someone a slightly better grade than he deserved because he scared me. But, if I did it (I can’t remember whether I thought about it or actually did it) it was only once. I once threw a batshit crazy, angry guy out of my class and told him not to come back. I worried for weeks after that he would come kill me. I probably shouldn’t have done it, but he was just a nightmare and I cracked.


All these things started when they stopped letting teachers throw students down the steps or smash faces into the blackboard

it worked for 4000 fucking years and then they stopped it

Math teacher I had threw a guy down the steps - someone bigger too - sed next time he would kill him cause he killed a lot of people in Korea and one more don’t matter

wanna know what happened - nothing


Yeah, that’s it, I’m sure.


Right - as evidenced by the number of school shootings prior to 1970 - and there were just as many guns


and less regulation of them


There were 300 million guns before 1970?

Please note, again, I am not a believer in the Occam’s Razor theory of everything boiling down to a simple solution. I believe kids are shooting up schools for multiple reasons: because there is a big “us vs them” mentality and lots of hate, there are too many kids on drugs (and I mean prescription drugs mostly), AND too many people have guns in their houses out of fear – not because they are hunters or out of any such necessity – and so kids grow up both around the guns and in an environment that feeds a fear and suspicion of others with a belief that guns can fix things. It’s a tangled fucking web, and guns are a big part of it.



I believe I understand where your behavior comes from.


So yer saying it’s better to have chaos and terrified teachers then order in the schools - just fucking wow

By the way - the guy that got thrown down the steps had it coming - the teacher that did it weaighed about 160 soaking wet and never raised his voice but about twice a year - best teacher I ever had


I had a math teacher in 9th grade there was no fucking around in his class, his face would turn beet red, he’d start yelling and yank your ass up out of your chair by your shirt twisted around your neck and out into the hallway… never happened to me, he seemed to like me actually, but I saw it a few times…He explained algebra well too and i did pretty good at it.


Mine was math also - algebra geometry and mechanical drawing - I sucked at all 3


You were using the wrong hand