Thread for the daily mass shooting




Hmm. He may have gone off the rails because his girlfriend dumped him.

Page, 68, moved to Reno from Texas in July. A few weeks later, she said she saw Danley pack up her car and leave. She said the house has been empty since. On Monday, the blinds were drawn shut.


lol… a true expert has spoken.

look, this guy was a law abiding citizen with no police record. other than the outright banning of all gun sales and a full round up of all guns owned by all citizens, this was 100% unpreventable.


rec. wimming ruin everything.


More of an expert than most, having been singing when 30+ people were killed.


I know. Wimming who leave a guy who’s a psycho really do ruin things. She shoulda just stayed and let him beat her or whatever.


I think it is, and I’m used to the practice.


Alone in a crowd, one man stands apart and refused to go quietly into the dying of the light…


Bud Light Courage In A Can


According to the brother, the shooter was as normal as can be for a fairly well off real estate investor gambler.

One interesting note, one reporter claims The Paddock boy’s father was a serial bank robber, that once was on the FBI most wanted list for 8 years. Hmmm…



You ain’t the only one gone there.


WTF does he need to go there for? A fucking photo op with the white outlined, blood soaked pavement?


He’s pandering to his base. The country Western folks are far more important than the Puerto Ricans, don’t you know?


Vegas is easy, there’s not all that bigly ocean water in the way.


Yeah. They would have to figure out how on earth to get across all the water between DC and PR. That’s something for the inventors to get to work on.


Plus he has an empty hotel in Vegas he can bill Uncle Sam bigly for.



Trump is a big expert on walls, maybe he could have something like a wall built all the way out to the middle of the ocean to Puerto Rico, that motor vehicles could drive over?