Thread for the daily mass shooting


50 dead, 406 wounded

What a tragedy.


10 rifles, some of them FULL auto, you can hear it when the shooting starts. White on white crime


I watched the video last night. You can pinpoint exactly when the panic sets it.

It’s heart wrenching.


Thanks Obummer!




It would be insensitive to talk about preventative measures so close to this (our any other similar) event.


Meanwhile, these things are good for business…


glad everyone is offering thoughts and prayers. they are very effective.



I paraphrased this one into one of the other stories, we’ll see how it goes.




58 dead, 515 wounded latest count. This is so despicable. There are simply no fucking words.


In the NYT article bove, we learn that Trump will be in Vegas on Wednesday. Interesting that he responds so quickly to the deaths of those in his base, while hemming and hawing and tweeting recriminations over the hurricane victims in PR.

Just sayin’.


All of you civilians out there, maybe things have reached a point now where you should be thinking defensively any time you leave your house. I’ve been doing it for decades and for a long time I thought it was just part of my PTSD. But now I’ve come to own it and respect it as a valid adaptive response to these times.

Are you gonna get me in a crowd out in the open where nobody can move fast, and there are numberless high points adjacent to it that would give Charles Whitman the Second a nice field of fire?

I don’t fukkin THINK so.


Yanno me, Ima a die hard “gun grabber” but all the crazy shit, it’s making me think about arming myself. Even tho I know the odds of me ever being able to successfully defend myself are slim, at least I might have a chance to take out a bad guy, and maybe even survive.


Maybe you’re right, but how utterly tragic is that? Life isn’t worth living that way, imo.



Thinking more and more about escaping to Mexio. The US propaganda machine has made much of the problem with drug cartel violence there. Yeah, sure. But they’re mostly just shooting each other. So far, I haven’t heard of a single lone nut Mexican flipping out and murdering a bunch of strangers just because he’s pissed off at the world. Not a one.