Thread for the daily mass shooting


If only other passengers had been armed.


I doubt that he was the only one there with a gun.


I guess it was just a lucky thing there wasn’t moar killin then.


OHHHHH! I thought I heard he loaded it in the airplane’s bathroom.



yeah, too bad he didn’t beat her with a fucking bat.




Good old “You should never hit a woman” comes up with some gems at times, doesn’t he.


2017 is off to a good start.


I think we could hit new season records this year!


Sorry. I should have been keeping this thread up to date. Though I’ve missed lots o’ mass shootings, here’s something to add for today.



That’s D_M’S neighborhood, good thing he’s got an alibi, or I’d bee very suspicious.


On news this morning, one of the injured students, 8 yrs old, died.

But what we need is more guns.

Just fucking sickening.


If only that 8 year old…yatta yatta yatta


Add this one to yer collection - one not mass



The shooter is known to have been outspokenly “Christian.” But I’ve not seen any reference to this in media reports I’ve seen.


I’m sorry for your loss America :cry:


Trump voting country music fans, if only they had been armed!


Called it last night, bet he had a MAGA hat on the whole time…