Thread for the daily mass shooting


Possibly…hard to say really.


D_M will know he’s an expert on this stuff.


I don’t subscribe to the official definition of a mass shooting. To me, if at least 6 people aren’t killed it’s not a mass shooting.


I also think 4 is not enough for a “mass” shooting but someone set it at that so that’s what we go with. The question is, if people are killed at a different site, do they still count towards the mass shooting tally?


Yes. If it’s by the same person on the same day, the number of venues doesn’t matter.


Wow. So, if it’s not at least six people dead, then somehow it doesn’t matter?

This fucker went to an elementary school with a gun, and shot kids. It says something is fucking wrong here!!!


I should just post this before you find it

In my house if a kid is around it would take an adult fucking 5 years to find a gun let alone the ammo to go with it


And here one of the faces behind the statistics we keep posting about gun victimization.

If I were that heinously negligent with a firearm that it caused the death of my child, I would want to be locked up for life at least then my poor family wouldn’t have to be reminded of my kid killing idiocy every time they looked at me.


If your kid wants to kill himself then you are already negligent.


I tend to think that too, but then I remember these Twin guys I knew in School, Steve and Stan damn near Identical, I think Steve turned out to be an Architect was always a straight arrow but popular with most people since he was friendly and funny etc, while Stan starting in Junior High School started getting into all kinds of mischief, he even stole his dads car and wrecked it while drunk in 9th grade, last I heard he did some hard time for grand theft.


It’s the new normal, get used to it. Kids killing a bunch people is just like Poke’man. It’s a game to them. So between the crazy Moslems and kids, they are going to have to start building more morgues.

6 is just a nice number. Just enough to say… “oh, wow”.


At the age of 2, I don’t think they have willful suicidal tendencies.



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It’s a good thing this guy has a gun.


It’s called a good start.:grinning:


another good man with a gun:

Just updating this important thread.


Why was he allowed a gun on a plane?


You used to be able to haul a gun in checked baggage. You were spozed to declare it and fill out a bunch of forms. This was in the previous century, haven’t flown much in this one.


He checked it and got it out of his bag at the baggage carousel. That’s where he shot up the place.