Thread for the daily mass shooting


Being intentionally obtuse has always been the only troll he’s favored us with. Most of us have already abandoned him over it, except for when he brings some newer material to share with us.

Others, of course, will continue to feed the seagulls.


Hey @joseph, here’s a meme you could try, that might still have a little bit of traction. Ironically, it kinda goes back to your roots.






Speaking of links, this clip is kinda immortal…for Howie.


Police: Nude Gunman Kills 4 at Nashville Waffle House


What a GREAT angle. Take off yer pants before you start bustin caps, and you’ll never be convicted.


Nerw police radio code: AWGKP (another white guy killing people)


Interesting that a person wrestled the gun away from him. That good guy didn’t have a gun, but saved the day anyway.

The witness they interviewed said, “You always think, I would have done this, I would have done that, but my legs went out from under me…”





Read the articles.


Maybe this will help.:grin:



Hey give it up for Nashville, doing their part for freedom and liberty!


This country is like the drunk violent guy at the party that everyone wants to get rid of. We are a disgrace.


Only one dead, this wasn’t a good guy with a gun, I guess.





No word on any casualties, but we’ll be sure to get you some film if there are any…


How do these keep happening? The government has tried literally nothing to stop them