Thread for the daily mass shooting


Kiss your AR-15 goodbye kid…


I’ll wait for you to come back with a logicaal argument and facts, instead of a quick quip.

Meanwhile I know your pussy is so loose that you won’t even talk to your next door neighbor and ask him to turn his weapon in.

Prove me wrong.


Why do you gun fondlers always go into full hysterics, whenever the debate over sensible gun laws is had?


Banning guns isn’t sensible when it violates freedoms of law abiding gun owners.

Mental health checks are sensible… but that’s not a gun ban and libs wanna ban guns sooo




Sorry kid, I don’t argue with retards. :stuck_out_tongue:


How many LAWS Rockets do you own?


What country has a complete ban on guns?


All the ones with dictators.


Name one please.


Not sure who’s looking for a total ban on all guns here, either.


You have Google at your disposal.


My freedom to go to work without fear of gun violence has been abridged by the ammosexuals. I have to fucking do a shooter drill at work now. Not only does it take away from my ability to work, but it stresses the hell out of my students.

Also, I raised two kids and had to worry for years about them getting murdered at school. That is an abridgment of my freedom, and my right to the pursuit of happiness.

Yeah, the laws are supposed to work for us, too.


boohoo, I’ve had to do this with every job and school for as long as I can remember.
Do your kids get stressed put about fire drills too?


Do you consider that to be a “freedom”?


I consider it part of emergency preparations because there’s evil in this world.

I don’t get scared because of a fucking drill either.

Stop being weak.


I’d sue the school for taking away from yer class room time.


Did I say I get scared?

Why are you being so hostile, btw? Is that a result of all those “freedoms” you enjoy? I mean, no one took your guns, did they?


Oh there’s been bills upon bills of them trying.


have a joint kid and kiss your AR-15 goodbye. lol